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Shared joy

Shared joy is twice the jealousy.


Max and Paul are about to have a beer.

Max, leaning over a laptop: Max is drinking a Prussian Pond Pliny the Middle. "Great stuff! Cheers! Haha!"

Paul, waiting: Are you done yet?

Some guy somewhere else reads Max' post and says: Shoot, and I only got Lighty Light... At least I've got lots of it. Boohooorray.

Another guy online: Yeah, show off, dude... Makes me wanna shove it up his...

Next beer drinker reading Max' post: What a dumb beer snob. Thinks he's so special.

Yet another beer drinker online: Yeah, sure, hashtag beer porn and what not. A waste of bytes. What a tool.

Max clings glasses with Paul, while the hate spills out of his laptop behind his back: Just had to share this real quick. Shared joy is twice the joy after all! Cheers!

Tags: snob

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