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Same driver

Some ride share apps thought it was a good idea to allow you to pick the same driver every time.


Paul and Max are about to get into the back of a car.

The driver turns around to them: Hey Paul, how's it going?! Hammered again, haha? Been drinking till they turned on the lights? Haha! At least you didn't get kicked out this time, right? Hahaha! Still remember that night? Probably not, right? Man, you were hammered! Hahaha! Fun times! What? Lots of IPAs? Strong shit, man, I know. Haha! Max, pull a bag if you had those sours again, will you? We don't want any more accidents, hahaha! Oooh, that's not your home address, is it? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! Say no more! Hahaha!

Max: I don't need the app to get me the same driver again. I need it to prevent that.

Tags: IPA sour

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