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No artisanal without...

How a brew master teaches an ignorant customer.


At the beer festival, Paul samples a very special beer.

Paul: Tastes a bit funny...

Brewer: Funny?! What do you mean, funny?! This is a unique premium beer!

We only use selected barley malts for this amazing taste and the solid body. Caramel malts perform a ballet like spring dance on your palate! Our secret grain bill includes roasted malts to give this beer its clear and at the same time mysterious color. And just smell the aroma!

We use 12 different hop additions. Hand picked orange blossom hops (our own breed) gives this beer its special fruity note.

If you think it tastes funny, you just don't understand the complexity of this master piece!

Paul: Can't have artisanal without "anal"...

This beer is artisanal.

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