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Musicians that brew

Well, but I do know a few homebrewers that jam!


Paul and Max are having a beer.

Paul: Iron Maiden Trooper, regular and in 6.66% ABV, Light Brigade golden ale, Red'n'Black Porter, and Hallowed. Cannibal Corpse Amber Smashed Face. Slayer 666 red ale. Mastodon black tongue. AC/DC lager. Motörhead Bastards lager and imperial pale lager. Motörhead Road Crew. Motörhead Born To Lose IPA (17 months after Lemmy's death). Pearl Jam's Faithful ale. Sepultura Signature weizen. Municipal Waste Toxic Revolution oatmeal stout. Amon Amarth honey and smoked malt Ragnarok porter. Corrosion of Conformity imperial porter. Opeth Communion pale ale. Anthrax Wardance pale ale. Killswitch Engage Alive Or Just Brewing IPA. Def Leppard Pale. Behemoth Wolv of Siberia double IPA. Death Angel Caster Of Shame IPA. Opeth Heritage Pilsner, Sorceress Session IPA, Garden Of The Titans red ale. Armored Saint Symbol Of Salvation blond ale. Metallica Pils. Children of Bodom pre-prohibition lager. Skindred Jamaican stout. Megadeth A Tout Le Monde, Megadeth saison 13. Dream Theater Barstool Warrior Pilsner.

Do you know any musicians that brew?

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