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Kids in a brewpub

Is it ok to bring kids to a brewpub?


Max sits at a table in the brewpub.

Max: Buuuurp!

Karen: Gee, thanks, sir! I'm trying to teach my kids some manners...

Kids: Teehee!

Wow, man burped! You hear?

Karen: ...which you obviously don't have! It's a shame how some people behave in public! There are kids here! Have you been drinking?

Kids: Again! Again!

More burp!

Karen: People like you ruin the whole experience for everybody! Says on yelp this is a kid-friendly place, so get out of here with your rude beer drinking bad manners!

Karen: Come on kids, we're going to talk to the manager.

Kids: Do it again!


Paul: Huh, kids in a brewery... here's your beer.

Max: Thanks.

Max: You know, I don't mind the kids. Just keep the parents out.

Paul: Burp.

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