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Keg volume over time

Not every beer goes equally fast


A series of diagrams show keg contents over time..

Beer keg levels over time

The first diagram shows a quick steady decline. Caption: Solid everyday beer

The second diagram shows first a quick decline, then the curve goes to a slower decline. Caption: Beer for sipping

The third diagram shows multiple steps of declines, each followed by no change in contents. Caption: Weekend only drinking

The fourth diagram shows a slow decline, then the curve stays flat at a high level, until it rapidly drops to zero. Caption: Experimental beer that nobody likes

The fifth diagram shows a curve like a staircase going down. Caption: Experimental beer that only that one guy likes

The sixth diagram shows a dip, then it raises above the initial level. Caption: Hiding something in that beer that nobody drinks

The seventh diagram shows a steep drop and then the curve converges on zero. Caption: Leaky keg

The eighth diagram shows a flat line at a high level. Caption: Forgotten in the back of the fridge

The last curve shows many decreases followed by increases, always keeping a high volume. Caption: Magic keg that is always full

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