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Fries ale

Just because two things work well together...


Max: We've brewed our first extract beer! Now it's time to invent new beers!

Max: What works well with pale ale? Right, french fries!

Paul: Err...

Paul: Tastes really weird.

Max: Because the ketchup's missing, for sure!

Max: Still not? Mayo? Mustard? Chicken wings? Hamburger? Sausage?

Paul: Now we have soggy food, but no beer.

Max: Blender!

Max: Thick and creamy like a stout. Beautiful golden to amber to red color...

Max: Add some queso, maybe? Ramen? Pizza? Tacos?

Paul: Yuck.

Max: It's probably an acquired taste.

Paul: Or there is a reason nobody has done this before.

Tags: homebrew weird combinations

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