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Fridge scanning

Apple knows best.


Max is kneeling in front of the open beer fridge. Crammed in the fridge sits a little man with thick glasses.

Max: Uh... there is this dude sitting in the beer fridge.

Paul: Well, he's a new feature from Apple. He's watching what and how much you drink. To protect the children, and probably to fight terrorism and such.

Yes, I do have to feed him. He is in my fridge after all. And I cannot just kick him out cause Apple controls my fridge, not me.

Even though I bought and paid the fridge. But Apple says the guy's a new feature that I must have, and Apple knows better what people want, better than people themselves.

Hm, somehow this all sounds better when Apple says it.

Max: Nope. I'll get a homebrew.

As Max comes to the kegerator, the little guy from the fridge also sits on top of the kegerator. Max: Did Apple also make the kegerator?

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