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Drink less

Avoid a hangover? Sometimes the most simple advice is the least appreciated.


A reporter interviews Max and Paul in the street.

Reporter: A common problem on a night out drinking: how do you avoid a hangover? We gather the best tips and tricks!

Reporter: You guys have been out partying last night. How do you avoid a hangover?

Paul (softly): Drink less...

Reporter: Some people recommend a greasy meal.

Max: Yes! After 10 beers, I'll eat anything greasy and salty!

Reporter: What about alternating beer and water?

Max: Beer is 97% water anyway, so I'll just stick with beer.

Paul (softly): Drink less...

Reporter: What about popping an advil before going to bed?

Max: Come on, that is cheating!

Reporter: Or maybe only drink light beers---

Paul screams: Drink less!!!

Reporter: Oh, right, less...

Max: Well, but that is just a theory!

Paul (softly): My head hurts!

Tags: hangover

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