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Dating app

Online dating doesn't work for you? Maybe you just use the wrong app?


Max is playing with his phone.

Max: What?! You checked in Lighty Light 37 times? Did you water your lawn? One I can chalk up to perverse curiosity, but this is just bad taste. Next!

What's that ---only 4021 beers and 981 badges so far? Is this a joke? I'm not dating kindergartners!

Max: Hey, she looks promising! Got all the good badges to at least level 50! Rated that Nun With Tonsure wheat bock a 4.5! Cool!

Paul comes with two beers: Here's your beer. Do you still use Underbeerd as a dating app?

Yes... I am interested in the person, not just looks.

Max: Say, did you get Lighty Dark?!!

Tags: Underbeerd bock

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