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British beers, winter 2021 / 2022

Guess I'm only open to some new beer ideas.


Rows of empty supermarket shelves, with a sad and lonely beer bottle and can still left;

Lorry Driver Light Easy on calories and alcohol!

A bottle of beer, on the label is a dog piloting an old plane.

Afghanistan Animal Flight Ale Cause we know what really matters! Also available in bombers.

A blonde man in a suit with ruffled hair, holding a beer bottle.

Alcohol-free Johnson! Perfect for the afternoon crash in the office. Ok, 4% abv. Or 5%. Fine, let's call it 7. Totally safe for work. 8.5% only.

Ok, 10%. Side effects may include memory loss.

A beer can picturing a little girl holding her toy doll.

Andrew Ale, now with Epstein! Who wouldn't throw out royalty for this extra fresh, young blonde! Ages 12 and below.

British beers, winter 2021 / 2022

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