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Beer price cap

What could possibly go wrong?


A politician: City council decided today on a beer price cap. A bat may not charge more than $2 for a pint. The city will reimburse the bars for any additional costs of the beer.

Paul with a beer in his hand: Did the waiter just say this beer was $20?!

Max, drinking: Who cares?! City's gonna pay anyway!

Some guy: The unified guild of forest workers, truck drivers, and pizza bakers demands a forest pizza truck price cap. In particular, we require extra help for any pizza Hawaii.

Other guy: What do you mean, only for orphans in purple shirts?!

Yet another guy: Those rules were made by the folks who brought you the tax code!

News anchor: ... Unesco awards the title of "best cheap beer city" and sends thoughts and prayers to the religious right...

Other politician: After thorough consultation with the Federal Beer Bureau, we must inform you that we cannot keep the beer price brake in the books.

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